Rita Marley - Good Morning Jah

Ohhyeahh ohhooo
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning

Good morning Jah
Your world is prettier today
See the little children, yeah
Running around and play
Keep their little hearts going clean
Help them on their way, yeah
Save themr Father,
From the sins of today

This morning Jah
I put the world in your hands
You seem to be the only one
Who overstands
The way to life is love and peace
Like in the days of old, yeah
Dear Father
Your love has grown cold

This little land is now in confusion
As you can see
People cryin', cryin'
From hunger, pain and poverty

Save us from destruction
Lead us unto life, yeah
Dear Father
Keep us day and night

Teach us not to fight (Dear Father
Show us what is right (Dear Father)
Help us understand (Dear Father)
Need your guiding hand (Dear Father)
(Dear Father)
Help us on our way (Dear Father)
Keep us everyday (Dear Father)
Show us how to love (Dear Father)
Direct us from above (Dear Father)
Protect us from disaster (Dear Father)
Oh our Lord, our Master (Dear Father)
(Dear Father)
Only you we adore (Dear Father)
We love you by the score (Dear Father)
Ohh hope and pray (Dear Father)

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