Junior Byles - Long Way

We've came the long way
And I thought you knew
It was the long way
My darling, I thought you knew
We came the long way
So, don't break my heart, babe
Don't try

We've been through the desert
Where no water flow
We've walked streets and highways
Where kung fu is afraid to go
It was the long way
So don't try


Don't try
And I go tell you why, baby
It's 'cause I adore you so much, you know
So don't try

It's because I
I still need your warm and tender touch
I just can't make it without you, darling
So don't try

Hey! We've been on the mountain
And I thought you knew
We've been through the valley
Where the green herbs grow
Oh, darling

It was the long way
So don't break my heart, yeah darling
Ah don't try
Ah don't try, try
Ah cha-cha
Cha, cha
Ah cha, cha

An' I'm gonna take you by the river
Gonna take you down by the riverside
An' I'm gon' make you my little bride

An' I'm gon' always tell you nice things
Like when we're down by the riverside
An' I've got you by my side
Maybe I'm gon' tell you 'bout the good thing
Brand new thing for you

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