Johnny Osbourne - Baccara

Belly-lick Uncle Joe
Watch dem a wait outta door
A belly-lick Uncle Joe

Craven a go choke puppy
No bad dog want to licky-licky
Woy yoy - belly-lick, no rob it from mi
Best you rob it from Baccara
Him 'ave nothng a one bankra
But him hide it up on the hill top
Him have it under one padlock
Oh what a hell
When Baccara turn him back
Him must have heart attack
Ca' fi mi share de right 'pon top

A belly-lick Uncle Joe...
Watch dem

Them never know fi shubbi shubbi
Only waan come catchi catchi
Everything you have dem want it
Never have nuttin' fi give it
Craven a go choke puppy..

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