I Roy - Look A Boom

While the heathen reign
Jungle people imagine vain things
The kings of the earth stood up
When the rulers were gathered together
Against his lords and against his saints

I say, man you've got to know yourself
Or you may faint
Cause if you hate,
Then that's bad
You gonna be sad
Never gonna be good
Like I tell you baby, like I really should

All you got to do, is say you would
If you're feeling kinda bad
You've got to head for the woods
As I would tell it to ya

Right about now, I'm gonna check you out
And show you how bad I am
If you're around when I get odds
Will get you that of course
As I would tell you

Look at that, look at that
Don't watch that
You've got to watch this

Big killa hit walking down the street
Out of my musical co-co basket
Look a boom look a boom
Look a bing-bong boom
Look a boom look a boom
Look a bing-bong boom

Tell you, I never liked your style
It was kinda too plastic for me, you know
That's why we get together on the hot line
The wicked cats are jumpin' down the line
And feel so fine

Man oh man, get off my back!
You were wrong

Got to keep 'em moving on the rhythm track
When I take us back this kinda troubled bass
Was back on the track with a double attack

Moovin' groovin' swing along
And get them off my back!
Must tell ya, tell ya
'Bout the sound that's keen
The sound that blows you really back

Oh baby come on down the track as I would tell ya
Don't look back, as I would tell you baby
Never you be maybe
But come on down with me as I would tell ya
You've got to be free like a bird in a tree


I've got the swirl as I would tell you
Never gonna [com]pel you
All I got to do is tell you, you know

Kinda love the feeling
Sound that sets you wheeling
As I would tell you baby

Never you be maybe
Come on down with me

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