Dre Island - My City

My city, yeah
Huh yeah, oh yeah
Only who feels it knows
Yeah-eh, yeah, yeah
Days and nights I could not sleep
No, no, no, no
Shots ran out on repeat
Common sense
Park Lane, 100 Lane
White Hall
Big Yard, Cassava Piece
Ackee Walk
Jackson Town
Mountain View, Rockfort
Salem Backbush
Spanish Town
Hmm... yeah

[Verse 1]
Me from a place
Which part dem buss the rifle with the scope a top
And head will open like a rassclaat coconut
And lef' your car dem and your wall dem favour polka dot
Me from a city where a bay keys and coco a drop
And politicians every day dem import a strap
And dem no care about the issues weh the voters got
A bare mischief and billions inna court a knock
Me from a place where love is sweet and give you heart attack
Bomboclaat, dem big rose gold rope yah fat
Roun' gangster neck we money taller than Oprah stock
Yes, from a place weh dem say melt when the Pope a chat
And high grade trees a blow

In my city deh...
Called Kingston City (hmmm)
Yes, in my city...
Called Kingston City, aye
In that city... (they don't know)
Called Kingston City (how much I love you), yes
Say in that city...
Uh huh huh...

[Verse 2]
So no lef' your headback a street
Take away yourself, you mussi think say coppa sweet
Everything you have inna your hand it drop a feet
The juvi' eye red up like him have a lack a sleep
All black a dweet, hey, him deh 'pon the block a creep
Him buss it, him no care if muma or papa see it
Say him want a fatter pocket and some proper beats
Plus some ammunition weh you think dem shot yah cheap
No food no 'round, so every likkle strap a eat
Headback and the likkle red dot a meet
From back a Jeep soldier a park, shot a beat
People a run swiftly like dem a athletes, aye, aye
Right yah now, youths deh 'pon a vibes
Hot head the situation, nah analyse
Plus dem youth yah glamorize, hallow point, mama cries
Don't think it's peace and safety

In that city...
Called Kingston City
Yes, in my city...
That's Kingston City, yeah
In my city...
Called Kingston City, yeah
Whoa, in my city...
Uh huh, huh...

So if they ask me why I smile so many times (hmm, yeah)
I love my city...
That's Kingston City
Uh huh, huh, through my journey
Through my city
I still stand strong
They fight
Trying to get me out
But through my city
I remain calm...

[Verse 3]
Oh, I love my city, yeah-eh, yeah-eh
You brought me up to be this man I am today
Despite all the struggles, the world one day will know your face
The whole human race, I say, hey
Oh, my city, yeah
Love I have for you, yeah
Never die away
No matter what they say, no matter what they say now

Said I got so many friends in my area code
That I hand out many tickets when it comes to my show
Yeah, I remember when I used to listen that song growing up
Yeah, I been around the world
And getting nothing but love
For who I am
I thank my fans so much
Yes, some they hate
Still I appreciate
All my friends and family
That kept it real with me

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