Bim Sherman - Love Forever (aka Love For Ever)

Love forever
Love forever
Love forever

All this time
Every day
I've been wondering where she is
I had to say to myself
She must have been to a wonderland
'Cause I search almost everywhere (searching, searching, searching)
For the places I see her all the time (searching, searching, searching)

Said I cannot sleep at night
I'm on the outlook from 06:00
Wishing she would come my way by 18:00


But all this time I've been waiting (waiting, waiting, waiting)
I haven't seen a sign of her (waiting, waiting, waiting)
I had to say to myself if I was to wait eternally
It would be too much for me to do
But the way I love her so

And how much she don't know
I just can't leave her and go
Will someone help me to find her, even for a day
I love her so, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Love forever
Love (we got to love forever) forever
Love (got to love forever) forever
Love (we got to love forever) forever
Love (love love love love) forever

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